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STEP instructor

Projects include conservation education for communities around the Serengeti and support of local organizations.


Friends of Serengeti Funding at Work

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EDUCATION = CONSERVATION Another important step was taken by our Serengeti Teacher Environmental Program (STEP). A program was just completed outside of the Serengeti in the Maasai village of Ololosokwan, just east of the Park. Our team of teachers and coordinators took twelve students and eight local teachers on a safari into the Serengeti National [...]

60 Million Tons of Radioactive Waste in Africa’s Last Great Wilderness?

Elephant in the Selous

Tanzania’s Ministry of Energy and Minerals has granted a license to mine uranium in the Selous Game Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of “outstanding universal value,” to a major international mining company. According to the website AllAfrica, the move will catapult Tanzania ahead of Canada as the world’s second largest uranium producer. Read the [...]

Six Foreign Bids for Lake Natron Plant

According to Tanzania’s National Development Corporation (NDC) six foreign firms have submitted bids to establish a $500 million soda ash plant on the shores of Lake Natron.  The NDC declined to identify the companies but is currently reviewing the bids.  As we’ve reported previously, the planned development of the plant faces harsh opposition from environmental [...]

Rising Concern About Politicians’ Ties to Poaching in Tanzania

At a press conference last Friday, Tanzania shadow minister Rev Peter Msigwa cited some alarming statistics about poaching in his country and called for a special independent probe into the problem.  He stated that at least 23,000 elephants per year are being killed by poachers in Tanzania’s parks, the equivalent of 67 per day, and [...]

Kenya Installs Alarm System on Park Fences

On the heels of Kenya’s worst case of ivory poaching in years, the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has announced plans to utilize a new technological weapon in the struggle to protect its wildlife from poachers.  According to an article in The Guardian, an alarm system will be installed along fences that will emit a loud noise [...]

Police Officers Involved in Poaching Network

According to The Guardian, two police offers were arrested last week in Serengeti National Park, accused of transporting illegally-acquired elephant tusks.   The two officers led their arresting officers to the would-be buyers of the tusks, in a hotel room in Mugumu.  The two men awaiting the stash were also taken into custody.  A search of [...]

Tanzania Withdraws Application to Sell Ivory

To the surprise and relief of many in the conservation community, news came last week that Tanzania withdrew its application to CITES to sell 100 tons of ivory.  As we reported several months ago, the application drew immediate controversy when the government submitted it in October.  Opponents pointed to evidence that such legal sales of [...]

Snapshot Serengeti Captures Candid Moments on the Plains

Scientists are asking for help from the public in a new research project dubbed “Snapshot Serengeti.”  A recent BBC Nature article describes this latest ‘citizen science study’ by the Zooniverse project, led by the University of Oxford and Adler Planetarium.   Hundreds of camera traps have been set up across the Serengeti, and each takes a [...]

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