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Police Officers Involved in Poaching Network

According to The Guardian, two police offers were arrested last week in Serengeti National Park, accused of transporting illegally-acquired elephant tusks.   The two officers led their arresting officers to the would-be buyers of the tusks, in a hotel room in Mugumu.  The two men awaiting the stash were also taken into custody.  A search of their cell phone records revealed that they had been in contact with what officials called ‘a network of poachers of elephant tusks.’ According to Tanzania National Park Director, Allan Kijazi, the arrest came as a result of cooperation between local police and park officials, who were investigating the theft of government trophies.  Kijazi said that collaboration between police and TANAPA officials is being utilized to fight poaching across the country and that the actions of two officers would not interfere with such efforts going forward.