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Support the Serengeti Legal Defense Fund!

In December of 2010, The African Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW), filed a lawsuit in the East African Court of Justice that asked the court to prevent the Tanzanian government from building a highway through the Serengeti.  In March of 2011, Serengeti Watch created the Serengeti Legal Defense Fund to help support ANAW in its case.

The lawsuit is considered the best chance we have for combating the planned highway, and ANAW has been successful thus far in fighting the appeals brought by the Tanzanian government to stop the suit.  The case is expected to go to trial within the next few months, and in the meantime, we encourage you to read about the chronology of this legal battle to date, and to consider making a donation to the Serengeti Legal Defense Fund.  Lawsuits are never cheap, and the outcome of this trial will not only determine the future of this remarkable ecosystem, but it will also set an important precedent in matters of environmental protection in East Africa.

Click here to read more about the lawsuit, and click here to make a donation of any amount.

Thank you for helping us in our ongoing battle to protect the Serengeti!