Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Kurt Kutay
Kurt Kutay is the founding President and CEO of Wildland Adventures, voted by National Geographic as the “Do-it-All Best Outfitter on Earth.”  Kurt is the director of the non-profit Travelers Conservation Trust. Kurt completed an M.S. degree in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan and has also worked on international programs for the U.S. National Park Service.

As a recognized industry pioneer in adventure travel and ecotourism, he has served on numerous professional boards and conservation organizations including The International Ecotourism Society, the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association, the Maasai Environmental Resource Coalition of East Africa, and the Adventure Travel Trade Association.

Anthony Sinclair

Anthony (Tony) Sinclair is one of the world’s leading authorities on the Serengeti ecosystem. He has conducted research in the Serengeti, Tanzania, since 1965, mainly on the problem of what determines the size of animal populations, particularly vertebrates, and the mechanisms of regulation. From 1970-73 he was Staff Ecologist at the Serengeti Research Institute, Tanzania. His present research is focused on recording the diversity of life in this African savannah  system, and comparing human induced changes with natural change. Research is documenting plant, invertebrate, bird and mammal diversity.

Over a research career of 45 years Dr. Sinclair has published more than 200 research articles, including 7 books and more than 30 book chapters including: Serengeti I; Serengeti II; Serengeti III: Human Impacts on Ecosystem Dynamics; Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, and Management; The Kruger Experience: Ecology And Management Of Savanna Heterogeneity; Animal Migration: A Synthesis.

He was born in Zambia and did his BA in Oxford, and his PhD in Oxford supervised by Prof. Niko Tinbergen. Dr. Sinclair was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1996, and of the Royal Society, London in 2002. Since 1975 he has been Professor of Zoology at the  University of British Columbia and was the major driving force behind the Center for Biodiversity Research.

Boyd Norton
Boyd Norton is a writer and photographer of 15 critically acclaimed books, including four on Africa.  He is currently working on a book on the Serengeti ecosystem, the product of more than forty-five safaris over a period of twenty-five years..  He has served on the Board of Trustees for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, devoted to saving the last mountain gorillas. He is currently a director of Baikal Watch, dedicated to protecting Lake Baikal and other Siberian wilderness.

Among numerous accolades, he received an award from the Environmental Protection Agency, presented to him by Robert Redford, for his “important, exciting environmental photography and writing.” Outdoor Photography Magazine (U.K.) recently selected him as one of the 40 most influential photographers in the world.

David Blanton
David Blanton has been traveling to East Africa for the past forty years. He lived in East Africa for seven years, five years in Kenya and two in Uganda, where he was a Peace Corps volunteer. He is the author of an acclaimed social studies program sponsored by the Swiss government for Utalii College in Nairobi, Kenya. It uses texts, multi-media, role playing, an original stage drama, and a board game to illuminate social and cross-cultural aspects of tourism. It has been featured in  the Journal of Applied Anthropology, Annals of Tourism Research, and Cornell Quarterly.

In 1983, Dave founded Voyagers International, a nature and photo tour company for leading museums, universities, conservation organizations. In 1995, he founded the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association (IGTOA)  which brings together leading tour companies to promote responsible tourism and raise funds for the Galapagos.  He produced and directed a series films on the Galapagos Islands and conservation:

Berry Blanton
Berry Blanton was born in Nairobi and grew up in the U.S. where he studied communications at the University of Maryland. He has extensive experience in digital and social media, including the direction and photography of award-winning films, web design for top media companies, and social media marketing.

He is currently the Director of  Digital Media Marketing at the largest outdoor magazine publishing company in the U.S.  He has traveled to East Africa frequently and directed a film on an educational program in Tanzania.