Projects & Funding

Project funding is designed to address social, cultural, and economic issues surrounding the Serengeti ecosystem. Our goal is to harness the power of the travel industry and the goodwill and support of travelers themselves to make a lasting difference.


Serengeti Preservation Foundation

We helped launch and are supporting the Serengeti Preservation Foundation, a locally registered NGO in Tanzania, providing avenues for conservation education and advocacy. It’s Director, Meyasi Meshilieck, is show in this photo.

SPF was founded in 2013 in response to rapidly growing threats to protected areas in Tanzania. The empowerment and involvement of local people in conservation for sustainable development is a vital tool to for conservation We are currently doing this through educational programs, radio broadcasting, journalism training, and public advocacy.

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Journalist and Media Education & Support

We helped launch a new professional association in Tanzania, Tanzanian Journalists for Conservation. This brings together journalists, broadcasters, and other media professionals into a group that is determined to “take conservation journalism to a new level.” We have conducted workshops and field trips for them and will provide incentives and awards for their effort. This is crucial for changing attitudes, informing the public, and influencing decision makers.

Radio - Building Community Awareness

We are sponsoring a project to bring awareness among local Maasai communities about conservation. Broadcasts on a local radio station in Swahili and Maa languages provide information on the role of conservation in traditional life, and allow locals to express their own views. Programs air twice weekly throughout the year and are listened to widely. Shown here: interviewing a community member for a program.

Educating Serengeti's Future Leaders

Serengeti Watch has launched a program that will build conservation education and awareness in secondary schools and local communities. The Serengeti Teachers Environmental Project (STEP) has been taken to the countryside in communities around the Serengeti.

Serengeti Highway Legal Defense

This case, which we supported, resulted in a landmark decision that will allow conservation organizations and other groups to defend against projects that would destroy natural areas. The former Tanzania government had proposed a highway that would have destroyed the Serengeti ecosystem. We supported a legal case that went before the East African Court of Justice.

The ruling by the East African Court of Justice means that we have stalled the Serengeti highway for now. There is new road construction now around the Serengeti. If construction through the park should again be attempted, we have a way to confront it, this time with a strong legal precedent.

Project Funding Goals

  • bring economic and social benefits to people living around the Serengeti ecosystem.

  • renew and strengthen awareness about the heritage of conservation and importance of sustainable tourism among the people of Tanzania and Kenya.

  • educate travelers on important issues and how they can be part of the solution.

  • promote responsible tourism and work for sustainable development.

How We Achieve These

Friends of Serengeti Members and their travelers are the driving force behind project funding. And it is their goodwill that makes this possible. Projects themselves are carried out by organizations on the ground in East Africa who have a direct and intimate knowledge of the needs and opportunities there. It is a partnership.

Donations are made through the Earth Island Institute, whicht has earned the highest rating on Charity Navigator and an A Rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy.